Hippie Wide-Leg Denim-Blue Jean-Overalls


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Boho Bliss: Hippie Wide-Leg Denim-Blue Jean-Overalls
Indulge in boho bliss with our Hippie Wide-Leg Denim-Blue Jean-Overalls—a timeless fusion of style and comfort.

Vintage Vibe: Nostalgic Denim Revival
These overalls bring a nostalgic denim revival, blending classic charm with the free-spirited essence of hippie fashion.

Wide Leg Elegance: Bohemian Silhouette Statement
The bohemian silhouette of these overalls makes a stylish statement, offering a relaxed and fashionable fit for any occasion.

Denim Comfort: Casual Chic for Everyday Wear
Crafted for casual chic, these overalls provide an easygoing wardrobe staple for everyday wear, combining style and comfort seamlessly.

Hippie Artistry: Intricate Details for Bohemian Appeal
Intricate details on these overalls add to their bohemian appeal, transforming them into a wearable-canvas of creative expression.

Functional Fashion: Pockets and Straps for Utility
Pockets and adjustable straps add utility to these overalls, combining practicality with boho style for a versatile and convenient-ensemble.

Vintage Wash: Timeless Denim Aesthetic
The timeless denim aesthetic is enhanced by a vintage wash, adding character and a lived-in feel to these hippie-inspired-overalls.

Versatile Styling: Mix and Match Possibilities
These overalls offer mix and match possibilities, allowing you to create diverse looks that align with your individual hippie-fashion.

Everyday Hippie Vibes: From Festivals to Casual Outings
Whether at festivals or casual outings, these overalls embody the carefree spirit and eclectic style synonymous with hippie culture.

Quality Craftsmanship: Durable Denim for Lasting Boho Chic
These overalls feature durable denim, ensuring lasting boho chic style that withstands the adventures of the hippie lifestyle.

Fashionable Freedom: Hippie Wide Leg Denim Overalls
The Hippie Wide-Leg Denim-Blue Jean-Overalls offer a perfect blend of-freedom, style, and comfort for the boho-chic enthusiasts of today.

Festival Frenzy: Hippie Denim Overalls for Boho Extravaganza
These Hippie Wide Leg Denim Overalls are designed for boho extravaganzas, offering a stylish and comfortable choice.


Dark Blue, Lt Blue


12, 14, 16


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