Tiger’s-Eye Bracelet


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Mystical Strength: Tiger’s-Eye Bracelet

Golden Elegance
Tiger’s-Eye Bracelet—a testament to golden elegance, capturing the mystical strength of the revered gemstone.

Unique Chatoyancy
Embrace the unique chatoyancy—each bead exhibits the enchanting cat’s eye effect.
Symbol of Protection
Tiger’s Eye is revered as a symbol of protection, believed to ward off negative energies and promote inner strength.

Tiger’s Eye Stones Meaning:
Blue Tiger’s Eye:
Is a symbol of strength, invoking courage and deepening willpower to overcome life’s challenges.
Known for its healing properties, this crystal encourages communication, flow, mental clarity, and inner peace.

Brown Tiger’s Eye:
Symbolizes confidence and courage, providing grounding energy for decisive action. Spiritually, it’s associated with inner strength and self-confidence.

Gold Tiger’s Eye:
Gives strength and courage during challenging times, fostering trust in the Divine and empowering problem-solving for personal success.

Green Tiger’s Eye:
Supports positive outcomes, wards off evil, and enhances insight, symbolizing confidence and courage with grounding energy for action.

Lace Color Tiger’s Eye:
Is an insightful stone used for clarity, luck, and believed to bring abundance to its wearer.

Peacock Tiger’s Eye:
Serving as a protective stone with power and perseverance, to represent the balance between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Purple Tiger’s Eye:
taps into inner strength, boosts self-esteem, and serves as a protective stone against negativity, emphasizing resilience.

Red Tiger’s Eye:
Is a stone of good luck, increasing willpower, and acting as a powerful tool for protection from negative energies.

Multicolor Mixed Tiger’s Eye:
Balances extremes, providing vitality, strength, and fairness. It symbolizes confidence and courage with grounding energy for action.

Golden Obsidian carries powerful energy, representing spheres and activating the third chakra for manifestation and alignment with Divine will.

Black Hematite absorbs negative energy, bringing abundance, grounding, and strength, aids in overcoming shyness, boosting self-esteem, and instilling confidence.

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