Zen-Energy Mini Smudging-Kits


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Zen-Energy Mini Smudging-Kits: Pocket-Sized Harmony On-The-Go

Elevate Your Energy Anywhere
Zen-Energy Mini Smudging-Kits bring the power of smudging rituals to your pocket, elevating your energy anywhere.

Compact and Complete Essentials
Each mini kit is compact yet complete, offering essential tools for a quick and effective smudging experience.

Sacred Sage Bundle for Quick Cleansing
Ignite the sacred sage bundle included, allowing the swift purification of your personal-space with its potent and cleansing smoke.

Crystal Allies for Instant Positivity Zen-Energy Mini Smudging-Kits
Discover crystal-allies in your mini kit, chosen for their quick and powerful-energy to infuse positive vibes into your surroundings.

Pocket-Sized Abalone Shell and Feather
Utilize the pocket-sized abalone shell and feather for a portable smudging ritual, ensuring harmony and balance wherever you are.

Spiritual Guidance on the Go
Find spiritual guidance in each mini kit, offering quick instructions for an on-the-go smudging experience tailored to your needs.

Stylish Mini Packaging for Convenience
Zen Energy Mini Smudging Kits come in stylish, mini-packaging, making them the perfect accessory for your pocket or travel-bag.

Ideal Gift for Busy Souls
These mini kits make an ideal gift for those seeking on-the-go spiritual balance and positivity.

Harmony in the Palm of Your Hand
Theses encapsulate harmony in the palm of your hand, ensuring a quick and effective burst of positive energy wherever life takes you.

Aromatic Essential Oil Roll-On
Enjoy the aromatic essential oil roll-on included, bringing the power of scents to elevate your energy instantly.

Purifying Palo Santo Stick
Experience the purifying Palo-Santo stick, allowing you to quickly clear and refresh your personal space with its fragrant smoke.

Crystal-Infused Pocket
Use the crystal-infused energy spray for an instant burst of positive energy, creating a portable aura-cleanse wherever you are.

Mini Keepsake Box for Convenience
Each mini kit is housed in a convenient keepsake box.


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